The BJS Society Prize session – at Hernia 2022

Thursday 20th of October 10.30- 11.45 

What can you win?

The prestigious BJS-EHS Prize is awarded to the top two oral presentations with additional monetary prizes of 3500 euro for the winner and 1500 euro for the runner up.

What will you have to do if you are in the top 4 of this competition?

  1. Present your paper at the BJS Society Prize session at EHS 2022 in Manchester.
  2. Present your paper again later in the year at a separate webinar promoted by the BJS and the EHS.

So, am I eligible and how do I apply?

The BJS - EHS prize is awarded to the best paper submitted to the BJS to be considered for publication on a hernia/abdominal wall related topic by an author who is eligible.

To be eligible,

  1. You have to be a current EHS member (if you are not please join NOW!)
  2. You have to be the first AND the corresponding author on the paper.
  3. You have to submit an abstract of the paper through the EHS 2022 abstract submission portal by the abstract submission closing date, 31st May 2022.
  4. If successful for the prize session, you must submit the finished full paper to the BJS by 30th June 2022
  5. The completed manuscript has to be simultaneously emailed by 30th June 2022 (tbc) to the EHS secretariate, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), labelled “BJS: EHS Society Prize session”.
  6. You will be informed if you have made it for the Prize session competition at latest by the end of the first week of June. 

The top scoring abstracts will be considered for the BJS prize session by members of the EHS Board and the two prize winners from this shortlist chosen by the Editors of the BJS and BJSOpen. 

We welcome your application and wish you the best of luck.

Andrew de Beaux                     Aali Sheen

General Secretary EHS          President EHS Congress 2022